Unser Team

Dear patient,

The Marianowicz Diagnostics and Treatment Center, which was formally opened in May 2013, is situated in the heart of Altbogenhausen, in close proximity to the river Isar.

It is in this innovative Center that I chose to open my specialist practice for gastrointestinal and metabolic diseases, the “Gastroenterologie München-Bogenhausen”.
Here, I have been able to realize my dream of having a modern practice that specializes in endoscopy and whose organizational set-up and state-of-the art facilities are able to meet the highest of standards and expectations. Naturally, this was never intended as an end in itself but rather as providing the foundations for a practice that can offer an interdisciplinary approach to gastroenterology and internal medicine, a practice that focuses on holistic patient care, crosses traditional boundaries and manages to combine traditional and complementary treatment approaches – in short, a practice whose services would be guided entirely by the needs of YOU, THE PATIENT.

Our center, and my practice in particular, can boast many years of specialist knowledge and professional experience. This experience is complemented by the skill of an outstanding team of technical experts and, of course, a truly caring attitude and commitment to patient care.

Please feel free to browse the range of services I/we offer. For cases that go beyond my own wide area of expertise, I have access to a team of experienced colleagues who all specialize in either conventional or complementary areas of medicine, and who will be able to provide the help you need in a manner that suits your personal preferences and individual requirements.

With very best wishes,

Dr Christof Pfundstein