Laboratory testing

The testing of bodily fluids and bodily excretions forms a major part of modern diagnostic procedures, with the tests available complementing the investigations outlined above. In addition to offering a range of important screening tests, we also work in close cooperation with a number of renowned German laboratories, with the combined effect that we are able to offer virtually all diagnostic tests available.

Blood tests

Thanks to our close cooperation with our laboratory partners, we are able to offer not just the blood tests traditionally associated with the field of internal medicine, but almost the full range of blood tests available to physicians. We do not order a full set of laboratory results as a matter of course but ensure that tests are ordered based on symptom presentation. We regard this as essential in meeting our own high standards of quality.

Urine tests

Urine tests can provide additional information on the causes of abdominal symptoms, particularly those related to other medical specialties (urology, gynecology). It is for instance important that urinary tract infections be considered as a potential underlying cause in patients presenting with abdominal pain. Urine tests can also help to identify metabolic disorders that form part of the field of gastroenterology and can lead to problems with the break-down of blood components (hemoglobin, propyrin).