At Gastroenterologie München Bogenhausen, we offer you the entire range of outpatient gastroenterology services for gastrointestinal tract problems. Whether you come to us because of problems with the oesophagus, stomach, intestine, liver or pancreas, we are equipped with the latest medical technology and have a wealth of experience in the field of diagnostics.

Gastroscopy in our practice in munich


At our practice, we can examine you using conventional gastroscopy or an ultra-thin gastroscope that allows you to stay awake during the examination. We generally put patients under a gentle and short twilight sleep (sedation) to perform the examination. This examination allows us to perform an acid measurement in the lower oesophagus using a small capsule (Bravo pH metry capsule) in certain cases.

Colonoscopy in our practice


We put you under gentle twilight sleep when performing the colonoscopy so that you will not notice anything during the investigation. You are also welcome to stay awake on request; it’s up to you.

Proctoscopy in our practice in munich


Although this examination of the final few centimetres of the rectum and the anal canal is always performed as part of a colonoscopy, it can also be done separately if necessary; in this case you will not require any special preparation.

Capsule endoscopy

Capsule endoscopy

Capsule endoscopy additionally allows us to examine the entire small intestine, usually following a conventional colonoscopy. It is in principle also possible to perform a capsule endoscopy of the large intestine alone using a special capsule; we are happy to provide you with consultation services on this.



Sonography, i.e. ultrasound examination of the abdomen, is virtually free of side effects, risk and pain. It is used, for example, for diseases of the stomach, intestine, liver or gall bladder to assess the abdominal organs from the outside and detect any relevant changes.

Laboratory testing in munich - blood, stool and urine samples

Laboratory testing

To get an overall picture of a patient’s condition, we also examine blood, stool and urine samples. This is done not only at our local laboratory partner Labor Becker und Kollegen in Munich, but also at Biovis in Limburg and IMD in Berlin, especially for extended and comprehensive examinations in case of food intolerances and digestive problems.

Testing gastro­intestinal function in our practice in munich

Testing gastro­intestinal function

In case of Helicobacter pylori colonisation or food intolerance, certain substances such as urea or sugar are metabolised; we can measure them in the patient’s tidal air and derive valuable information (e.g. dairy or fructose intolerance).

The diagnostic resources available to us at Gastroenterologie München Bogenhausen cover a broad spectrum and help us get to the root of your symptoms. You can reach us at any time and we look forward to your call.